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FEW was founded in 1993, and was one of the early Friends groups in Sheffield. The object from the beginning was to protect, preserve, and investigate the Woods, and to pass on the knowledge so found. See Constitution for the formal structure.

FEW has 3 active groups

- Footpaths and Restoration, led by Jane Beresford

- Ecology, led by Monica Rorison

- Archaeology, led by Geoffrey Hartland

Many members are active in just one group. Some are active in none of the groups, but simply wish to support FEW's aims.

The Committee is made up of the Chairman, Membership Secretary, Treasurer, representatives of the 3 groups, and others to put forward a general view. At the moment the Committee is looking for further members. See Contacts

FEW also applies for, and often gets, grants for defined tasks in the woods. See the separate groups.

FEW also puts out a quarterly Newsletter, and organise Events in the Woods, and evening talks during the autumn and winter.

FEW is working more and more with the Parks and Countryside Department of Sheffield City Council.

With support from partners, Sheffield City Council has developed the old sawmill site to become The Graves Woodland Discovery Centre.

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Talk in the Woods
A Talk in the Woods Tuesday 21st August 2018 at 2:15pm The ...


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