Colliers Pond

Collier's Pond was a disused ganister quarry, and it used to be rather an eyesore in the 1990's and early 2000's. The depression filled up with water in winter, and dried out in summer to leave an expanse of smelly mud with scattered rubbish.

We have no pictures of this state, because people tried to ignore it and not look. After the Sheffield flood of 2007, I went round taking pictures of how the drains in the Woods had coped – surprisingly well. This show the quarry after the flood.

Colliers Pond

Work on converting this area to a pond started in 2009, as a collaboration between Parks and Countryside Department of Sheffield City Council, Friends of Ecclesall Woods, and SWEEP volunteers. It was a major project. This picture shows the earth being raked back over the liner.

Colliers Pond #2

When the pond was finished, it was allowed to fill naturally with rainwater, in spring 2010. Fortunately this was quite a wet spring, and the pond filled quickly. There was the possibility of using a fire engine to pump water into the new pond, but it wasn't needed. Here is the nearly full new pond, on 7 April 2010.

Colliers Pond #3

At this stage the new pond didn't have a name, and it was decided to hold a competition for the new name in one class in Dobcroft School. All Dobcroft School's classes visit the woods regularly, so the children already knew something about the surroundings. Eccy Pond was quite a popular name, but several children suggested Collier's Pond, and this was judged to be the best name.

The pond was opened on 23 June 2010 by Sylvia Dunkley, then a councillor for the area and a long-time supporter of Ecclesall Woods. All the Dobcroft School class attended with a teacher, as well as many of those involved.

Colliers Pond #4

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