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About Friends of Ecclesall Woods Our aim is to work with the Trees and Woodland arm of the city council to improve paths, water courses, bridges and control vegetation where necessary. The group meet every Tuesday at 9.30am at the Sawmill, where we have a tool store. We keep a good supply of tools and equipment on site. There are usually 3-7 people there. Anyone interested is invited to join us at the Sawmill on Tuesday mornings.

Path restoration projects are identified regularly and are mainly dependent on funding and availability of materials. Over the last 10 years we have upgraded over 2 km path, supported by grants and work from BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers). Parks and Countryside have upgraded about 3 km. There is a total of 15 km of bridleways and footpaths in the Woods, so there is still much to do. Paths deteriorate over time. Where they accumulate debris, mud is formed; then walkers circumvent the mud by going off the edge of the path, and the path widens. More muddy areas are formed, until eventually the path can be 3m wide and still unpleasant to walk on, and unsightly. After the harsh winter 2009-10, we are currently evaluating every path in the wood and identifying those in need of immediate repair.

About Friends of Ecclesall Woods


Our main project in 2009 was to improve the water retention in an old pond off Abbey Lane. The site was an old ganister quarry and water settled here in the winter months and dried out in the summer, leaving a waste of mud and rubbish. By installing a pond liner the water level would remain constant throughout the year, thereby encouraging a wide range of wildlife and plants. The estimated cost of the project was ;£6000 and funding was received from Evolve, Veolia. and S.W. Area Panels Community Chest Fund

By September 09 the liner had been installed and a stone overflow system and drain had been built. The bottom of the pond and the immediate banks have been recovered with clay and leaf mould. The banks have been reseeded with woodland grass seed and 250 selected aquatic plants were planted on 20 April 2010. The new pond was officially opened, and named, on 23 June 2010. Pupils at Dobcroft Primary School were asked to suggest names for the new pond, and the winner was chosen by the Footpath Group. The winning name was Collier's Pond. The photo shows Cllr. Sylvia Dunkley with some of the children.

Another smaller project for 2009 was to eradicate 2 large stands of Rhododendrons inside the bird sanctuary. A small number of rhododendrons is charming, but large stands crowd out other plants and support little wildlife. This was completed by Feb 2010.

About Friends of Ecclesall Woods

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